Data policy

W4M provides a free metabolomics data analysis infrastructure and technical support for academics and private companies.

W4M is a data analysis structure, allowing access to high performance computing resources but it cannot be a "long term" storage platform for all the metabolomic community. W4M contributes to OpenScience initiatives and provides the possibility to reference your W4M Histories (Please follow "Get a DOI" )
W4M storage infrastructure is shared between more than 2,000 users in the world, so some simple rules exist to make the sharing easy.

W4M is not a long term storage platform for the metabolomics community.

W4M supports every Metabolomics data repositories such as MetaboLights or Metabolomics Workbench for RAW data sharing.

To ensure the quality of its service, W4M provides storage quota (around 30GB) for each registered user.

You can find a short tutorial to manage efficiently your data in the joint PDF document.

If you need more space, just contact us at
Thank you very much for your effort and to support the W4M project.