Virtual environments

For developer or just curious scientist, we provide a complete galaxy environment hosting on a virtual machine, easy to install and use on his own computer.

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Last version of the Workflow4Metabolomics virtual machine ( nov 2016) - Galaxy 16.07 + last public release of W4M tools

  • OVA format (tested and validated with virtualbox v5.0 under windows 10 and mac os 10.11)

Size: 2.6 G

Md5 checksum: 4aef2c18f823560d7a97b401e0a3d52d

File name: vagrant-w4m-R.ova

Doc (FR version): HowTo_deployW4M_vagrant_vm(FR).pdf

Doc (ENG version): Coming soon...



You can find old Workflow4Metabolomics virtual machines (Galaxy 15.07 and W4M 1.0 tools version) downloadable in the following formats :

  • VirtualBox format (tested and valided with virtualbox v? under windows 7 and mac os) :

Size: 3.8 G

File name : virtualbox.tar.gz

  • VMWare format (tested and valided with vmware fusion 6 and higher, under windows 7 and mac os 10.9) :

Size: 3.8 G

File name : vmware.tar.gz

  • A beta version of a complete portable Galaxy machine is also available (tested and validated with Windows 7 - 64bits and 4GoRAM) :

Size : 1.9 G

File name : portable-virtualbox.tar.gz


The old but complete Virtual machine W4M-Galaxy installation guide written by Ch Duperier and E Thevenot is available below :