W4E 2017 - Paris :

session presentations Author(s) PDF
Day 1: Introduction Introduction to the course Christophe Caron, W4M Core Team  
  Galaxy initiation Gildas Le Corguillé Download
Day 2: Preprocessing LC-MS data preprocessing Jean-Francois Martin Download
  LC-MS annotation with CAMERA Yann Guitton Download
  GC-MS data preprocessing Yann Guitton Download
  NMR data preprocessing Marie Tremblay-Franco, Cécile Canlet, Manon Martin Download
Day 3: Statistics Filtering and correcting data Mélanie Petera Download
  Univariate satistics Marie Tremblay-Franco Download
  Multivariate modeling Etienne Thévenot Download
  Multi Level Analysis Yann Guitton Download
 Day 4: Annotation


Franck Giacomoni Download
  NMR Annotation Marie Tremblay-Franco, Cécile Canlet Download
  Referencing Histories Etienne Thévenot Download




W4E 2016 :

W4E courses 2016 Author(s) PDF
Course presentation Christophe Caron, W4M Core Team  
Initiation Galaxy Gildas Le Corguillé Download
LC-MS - Pre-processing (xcms)  JF Martin Download
GC-MS - Processing Y. Guitton Download
 MS data processing - Filtering and correcting data  Mélanie Petera Download
 Statiscal Workflows  Etienne Thévennot, Marie Tremblay-Franco Download

 NMR Annotation

 M. Tremblay-Franco, C. Canlet Download
 NMR - Pre-processing  M. Tremblay-Franco, C. Canlet Download


W4E 2015


W4M courses 2015 Author(s) PDF
Course presentation Christophe Caron, Franck Giacomoni Download
Initiation Gildas Le Corguillé, Misharl Monsoor, Marion Landi Download
LC-MS - Pre-processing (xcms) W4M Core Team Download
MS data processing - Filtering and correcting data W4M Core Team Download
Using Galaxy4Metabolomics - W4M table format for Galaxy W4M Core Team Download
How to check the format of the 3 .tsv tables Etienne Thévenot Download
How to perform statistical analysis ? - Introduction Etienne Thévenot, Marie Tremblay-Franco, Mélanie Pétéra, Gildas Le Corguillé Download
How to perform statistical analysis ? - Exploratory data analysis Etienne Thévenot, Mélanie Pétéra, Jean-François Martin, Gildas Le Corguillé Download
How to perform statistical analysis ? - PCA analysis and (O)PLS(-DA) modelling Etienne Thévenot Download
Les banques d'annotation - Annotation Yann Guitton, Franck Giacomoni Download







Prepare input datasets




Use single files as input and run xcmsSet in parallel

Download video

Galaxy   Import datasets Download
Galaxy   Cleanup datasets Download
Galaxy   Build And Configure A Workflow Download
Galaxy   Share Histories And Workflows Download
Preprocessing LC-MS Perform Preprocessing using XCMS Download
Quality Control Common Format Data For Postprocessing Download
Batch correction LC-MS and GC-MS Perform Drift And Batch Correction Download
Statistics Common Perform Univariate Analyzes Download
Statistics Common Perform Multivariate Analyzes Download
Annotation LC-MS Perform LCMS Annotations Download
Annotation GC-MS Use NIST Download