How to contribute?

The W4M platform is open ! Main components are distribute through the ToolShed.

In addition, if you want to develop components in collaboration with the W4M Core Team, please follow theses teps :

1) Please send an email at describing your software tool (description, inputs, outputs, parameters, langage, OS, etc.)

2) If your contribution is accepted, a member of the Core Team will assist you in the integration steps: tool "galaxyfication", deposit on the W4M github, on the main toolshed, validation on the W4M development instance, deployment on the W4M production instance.

3) You will then have the reponsibility to maintain the tool and answer the questions from users on the help desk.

4) Welcome to the W4M community!

We can also host contribution on our infrastructure in some cases .


            The W4M Core Team.